What's It all About ???

This page is all about the building and flying of radio controlled model aircraft. It's a highly diversified hobby that takes in as many skills as you like to use. Everything from electronics to carpentry, to painting, to drawing and designing with a little bit of metal work thrown in. Some builders even go into doing their own machining, pattern designing, fibre glassing, moulding and engine design. You can use electric motors, 2 stroke or 4 stroke internal combustion engines or even minature turbine (jet) engines for power. My own models use 2 and 4 stroke internal combustion engines and range in size from about a metre in wingspan to well over 3 metres from tip to tip!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Am I an Idiot - or just a glutton for punishment??

Damn it - I've done it again - ANOTHER model I just have to build. I have a simulator and one of the models I've always had fun with is the Clancy Aviation Lazy Bee. Soooo - when a plan turned up on eBay of course I just had to have it! The Plan is for the BIG Lazy Bee - 40 power, 72 inch wing span with a 21 inch cord and - unlike the smaller model, this one has ailerons - 3 large sheets of plans! Hmmm - thought I - interesting!  So onto the internet to see what information I could find - and - of course - heaps of it. I found a  website -


- and of course I'm immediately in contact with a whole world of Lazy Bee enthusiasts. The biggest Lazy Bee is absolutely HUGE - the biggest I've found so far is 18 foot wingspan!!!! I think I'm going to be content with the 72 inch version but who knows what madness will overtake me. Check out the website - there are Lazy Bee's of all shapes, sizes and colours - some with floats - some used as camera platforms and if there is a use for the model some one has tried it!! Now - all I have to do - once again - is re-arrange my building schedule DAMN IT! I just have to fit it into this winters building schedule.

And yes - there will be a building thread on this blog - stay tuned!