What's It all About ???

This page is all about the building and flying of radio controlled model aircraft. It's a highly diversified hobby that takes in as many skills as you like to use. Everything from electronics to carpentry, to painting, to drawing and designing with a little bit of metal work thrown in. Some builders even go into doing their own machining, pattern designing, fibre glassing, moulding and engine design. You can use electric motors, 2 stroke or 4 stroke internal combustion engines or even minature turbine (jet) engines for power. My own models use 2 and 4 stroke internal combustion engines and range in size from about a metre in wingspan to well over 3 metres from tip to tip!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sometimes you get Lucky!

As most readers will know I'm a died in the wool IC engine fan - just can't get excited about that (choke) *lectric stuff. So when I had the chance to pick up a PAIR of NIB Nova Rossi 60's (10 cc, 16,500 RPM, 2.3 HP!) I HAD to have them. Now that I have them on my bench and I've finished drooling all over them - yep I have the genuine tuned pipes too,  I ask myself - what to put them in?? Hmmm I could use one in a pattern ship - or an all out 3D but I am a scale builder - Hmmmmm something that will accept the tuned pipes and still look scale - something maybe with twin fuselages or booms? It will have to be a fighter of course - Hmmmmm! Now let me see - A P38 Lightning would be good - OR - what about a Twin Mustang or a ....... OK - any suggestions??

One of two

With header and tuned pipe!